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Donate to Abload

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Dear Users,

We need your help. Please take a few minutes to read this!

In the years 2006 to 2012, we managed to run Abload only by showing advertisements. However, as early as in 2011, it turned out that this would not be sufficient anymore in the future. Advertising space continuously lost its value, worldwide. At the same time, the use of ad blockers increased. This development takes place up to the present day, giving website operators a hard fight evermore. In mid 2012, the time had come: We have reached the maximally bearable amount of advertisement, and still could not cover our growing expenses anymore. Thus, we had to find a sustainable solution.

Ours costs are caused by

  • operating our servers and networks,
  • the image views and the data traffic on the internet,
  • developing our website, tools, and apps, as well as
  • the public authorities (taxes, dues).

Days and nights, we puzzled our heads over how to proceed. On the one side, there was the tradition and the expectation to keep Abload free of charge. On the other hand, we knew that we wouldn’t get through without an additional source of income – despite an extremely lean cost structure. To not alienate anybody, we have then decided for a solidary solution:

Abload stays free of charge. However: With the motto “A ‘Currywurst’ for Abload” we would like to ask our users for a voluntary donation of at least 2,00 Euro per month.

Thanks to this solidary approach, we are still online now. Only because satisfied users show us their gratitude and help us with some Euros each month, we can continue as usual. Most of the services similar to Abload had to give up in the last few years. In order to save us from the same fate, we would like to also ask you to support us if you were content with our work. Even small donations help us survive – and they enable us to offer you a well reachable, secure and user-oriented service. As a little thank you, we will disable all ads when you donate regularly. Maybe this is a further little motivator for some of you.

If you have a Currywurst to spare for us, please select one of the donation methods below. We recommend using direct debit. It’s fast, easy and safe to use. Also, we are then able to calculate with the receipts. Many thanks in advance!

In case you have any questions or problems, you can contact us here.

On behalf of the whole team
Thank you very much,


Please choose a method to donate:

Direct debit

You can donate easily and safely using Direct Debit. Simply enter your account number, fill out the other fields, and click on "Donate!". Your data is encrypted, will never be given to third parties and will only be used for processing your donation.

After donating, you will receive a confirmation by mail. Should you donate on a monthly basis, but want to cancel the Direct Debit, simply contact us.

Abload account name:
Donation amount: Euro
Donation frequency: monthly or non-recurring
Mail address:

If you have questions or want to cancel your recurring donation, just send us a message.

Bank / Wire transfer

In order to donate via bank transfer / wire, please just send your donation to the bank account stated below. If you want to donate frequently (e.g., monthly), you should setup a so-called standing order. This way, you do not need to always execute the transfer manually. Using Direct Debit is even more convenient.

Please, do not forget to put your name into the “Reason for transfer”-field. Otherwise, we cannot turn off the advertisements for you. Of course we also appreciate your donation if you have no Abload account. Please be aware that this is a manual process and can, in the worst case, take up to 30 days.

Name:Jens Alex Hummert
IBAN:DE48 2924 0024 0343 8488 01
German account number:343848801
German bank code:29240024
Bank:Commerzbank Bremerhaven
Reason for Transfer:Donation, Your account name

Please only donate via PayPal if a donation via direct debit or bank transfer / wire is not possible for you. This is because PayPal charges us 3.9% plus 0.35 Euro with every donation.

Please be aware that this is a manual process and can, in the worst case, take up to 30 days.

To donate for Abload, please enter your user name (if you have an account) or verify it if it is already prefilled. Of course we also appreciate your donation if you have no Abload account. Next, click on "Donate!", to select the amount of your donation and if you want to donate once or monthly:

Your user name (if you have one):

Mail / Post

For those users who are not that familiar with the internet and its payment options, we also offer donating via mail / post. To do so, please just send your donation to the post address below. To keep the cost of postage low, please consider sending only notes. For security reasons, please place heavier paper around them so that the money cannot be identified as such from the outside.

Please do not forget to mention your Abload account name. Otherwise, we cannot turn off the advertisings for your account. What is more, please be aware that, in the worst case, it can take up to 30 days for this to be processed.

Jens Hummert
abload.de imagehosting
Hermannstraße 224a
12049 Berlin-Neukölln